Transport Logistic and Services

The freight transport, Logistic and Services

The freight transport is an important activity for each import-export operation and it becomes a key facet in achieving levels of competitiveness in the market international.

The freight transport uses various modes of transportation, it can be in fact by rail, ship, plane and truck.   

The history of Intermodal transportation began in the 18th century. Railways and ship were the most used transports in this period, with wooden or iron containers, but only in 1900s we had covered containers.
Railway Clearing House – a British organization with companies all operated railway lines - in the 1920s produced the first standardized container (it was smaller than modern standard, being 1,5 or 3 meters long). But the truth freight transport’s revolution began in USA in the 1950s, when a new steel standardized intermodal container spreading. Today the containers, called also ISO, are around 2,4 meters wide and 2,4 meters high with different lengths (6, 12, 15, 16 meters).  
Now the freight transport can be both national and international and overall they are more fast: we can cover many miles in less time with the plane and the truck.
An operation very important for the transport is the logistic, that is the planning, organization, management, execution and control of freight transport operations.

Transport Logistic and ServicesLogistic follows all activity between the point of origin and the point of destination, so it involves the integration of information by client, transportation, packaging (it is different for each type of transportation and material that contains, it must be safe and protected) and warehousing.
Freight transportation logistics is also an industry in its own right, enjoying sustained growth over the past years. Several of the leading companies worldwide are European.
A lot of companies ménage these services: transport company and logistic company follow all the operations that a freight transport involved.