Transport Logistic and Services

Whois freight transport?

The freight transport is the physical transfer of materials  from a place to another place, maybe in different country. This involves a lot of moments that should be considered as part of the transport itself and concerning the crossing of frontiers of a country (so all the customs documents and praxis), packaging, warehousing, loading, stowage, securing and the use of appropriate transport to protect  the material and to avoid any risks that can damage the goods.
Today the freight transport is a relevant activity for each import-export operation and it becomes an important variable in market’s competitiveness.
The transport is not only a "simple" transfer of goods, but on the contrary, since the birth of a commercial transaction, the operator/exporter must anticipate and organize all the security aspects of cargoes, the risks, the responsibilities of the parties in contract, the choice of who will perform the transportation and who to entrust the mandate of shipment, the time and a logistics system, that optimizes and manage all the operations.
The mission of national or international transport is the cheapness, speedy and security (the sales contracts  individualize the different proportion with which these aspects combine). 
Also the choice of the most appropriate mode of transport (trucks, ship, plane or railways) is important and it must be consistent with the contract and the respect of delivery time, of cost, safety, speed and other services.
So it’s very important  for the exporter to decide about:
- who should pay for transport (and who decide the procedures);
- how and when the goods will arrive at the destination;
- who to entrust the shipment of goods;
- the characteristics of the packaging;
- who to entrust the transport document (the customs documents and praxis
- the services provided by the shipper.
The freight transport is very complicated and it involves a lot of person and company, between which the logistic company. Logistics is in fact the management of the flow of goods and materials between the point of origin and the point of destination and it involves a lot of operations:
- checking the integration of information,
- administration of documents
- transportation,
- inventory and stocktaking of goods,
- warehousing,
- packaging (this aspect is very important for the safe and the protection of goods)
- security.
Logistics has become today an industry in its own right, enjoying sustained growth over the past years.